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My work is invested in the spiritual and psychological realms of consciousness.

As a colourist and pranic healer, I create texture laden mystical abstract worlds on canvas and paper with the help of oil, enamel, acrylic and spray paint.

I am absolutely preoccupied with the bliss of the DIVINE, the transcendence of the OCCULT and the wisdom of INDIAN SCRIPTURES. My paintings are a very extension of my existential revelries and have their roots in music and psychology. My process, style and inspirations are ever evolving and grow with me.


The nature of my work is an abstract- surrealist expression for as you look closely, you find unintentional figures, creatures, landscapes and that are amorphous and ambiguous in nature. I uses a term called ‘The Synchronicity of Colour' ( inspired by Carl Jung ) to explain how the world of colours resonate with one another to create coincidental, physiological and transformative relationships in regard to human beings. I love stitching together small detailed compositions of fluid energy in my rustic, etheric and dramatic painterly fashion and watch them take form; often creating a shapeshifting and hypnotic parallel reality with a maximalist aesthetic of several points of entry and exit.

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