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Made for Cosmopolitan Magazine's Denim Issue. August 2017

Three visual artists were given to denim jackets by cosmopolitan magazine. Others included- Babbu The Painter and Ayesha Singh.​
The jacket taps into my two colour palettes as an artist- It's got a rustic feel with earthy colours in the front and a funky feel with vibrant colours at the back. Alot of my work has a very collage like tendency so I tried incorporating that into the different sections of the jacket - The front pockets are covered with a picture of rust clicked on one of my travels and printed on canvas. I've added embellishments like Gota fabric under the collar and Brocade on the cuffs. The flowers at the back are embroidered patches and the two Bees in front are beadwork patches.
The Denim art project .jpg
The Buzz Buzz Jacket led me to realise just how much I love embellishing my own clothes. I made another in October that year. 
 Personal Project. October 2018.

Nasreen is the main building (as seen in the picture) of my Alma Mater and second home- Welham
​A boarding school I attended in Dehradun from 2004-2011
Nasreens Got Your Back Jacket .jpg
Nasreens Got Your Back - Back .jpg
Nasreens Got Your Back Front .jpg
The Back: Sepia –  RD Burman x Hipstamatic x 1970  

The photograph was taken by me in 2015 and was printed on silk. The red tint was a printing glitch that seemed to work out.
About the School Building 
The building is Nasreen at Welham Girls’ School. Welham was named after the little Welsh village from where its founder, Ms. Oliphant hailed. She acquired this palatial estate called Nasreen to start a small boarding school for girls in 1957.
The Banjara Jacket

Coming Soon 
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