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Dakchi Triptych .jpg


Oil, Enamel paint, Spray paint, Rice paper, Ikat and Bandhani on canvas, 1.5 ft (diameter), Commission for a Kolkata home.


This painting was made after a very sacred darshan at Mount Kailash, the home of Lord Shiva in the Hindu culture, the home of Demchong in the Buddhist culture and the place where the first Jain tirthakara - Rishabha received enlightenment. 


Dakchi (Eastern region of Nepal) is the destination we camped at for two days before embarking on our final destination (Lapcha) from where we saw Mount Kailash. Dakchi’s terrain includes pastel and tonal shades of the river, hills and the sky.


I have tried to capture the essence of Dakchi’s terrain in these three round works. Rice paper, ikat scraps and up cycled bandani fabrics were used to add more visual complexity and layering.

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